International Women’s Day!

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Today is International Women’s Day and what a better way to celebrate than highlighting so many awesomely inspiring women in climbing! The Tide Climbing Centre is female owned and empowers females from all walks of life to get involved in climbing.

Here’s a little note from the Owner Sophie Rearden on what international women’s day means to her.

“When I think about international women’s day, I actually think about how hard I have worked to get here, overcoming so many barriers, and what inspires me to keep going. I only started climbing around 6 years ago, but my gosh what a difference it made to my physical ability and my outlook on gender equality in sports. What I notice in each climbing centre I visit and work in, is the 50/50 ratio of male to female participants. I was immediately attracted to climbing after one session. I felt totally comfortable in a climbing environment and was able to surpass my male counterparts who started climbing at a similar time to me.

As females, we are constantly undervalued and experience prejudice daily, even from our peers and partners. Usually it’s not on purpose, but this behaviour has been so deeply rooted into our culture that we see it as ‘normal’ , something we just ignore.

When I’m climbing I don’t experience this behaviour and it gives me a place of solitude. For anyone who hasn’t tried climbing or feels intimidated by the idea I promise you give it a go, take a friend, you wont regret it.

Tide Climbing Centre Owner, Sophie, enjoying a climb in Malta.

Shauna Coxsey

I look at Shauna Coxsey as climbing inspiration at the moment. Not only did she compete in the 2020/21 Olympics but she decided to regain her personal aspirations following the competition. She received an MBE for her service to climbing, released her movie ‘The wall; climb for gold’, she got married and now is 6 months pregnant and STILL climbing. She continues to inspire our next generation of female and male climbers.

Shuana Coxsey: Photo by Jae C Hong/AP

For international women’s day join a community of people and a place of inclusivity, try your nearest climbing centre!! It will seem hard at first but unlike team sports you’re only competing against yourself each time you climb.

Then take this new found skill and apply it in every aspect of your life. My mum always said ‘never care what others think, just keep trying’”

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