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May Your Climbing Journey Commence


We welcome climbers of all abilities at The Tide Climbing Centre and have plenty of routes that are suitable for beginners. We’re excited to welcome you for your first indoor climbing experience and help you at the start of your journey within this sport.

If you have never climbed before or have very limited experience we would highly recommend you book on to a bouldering induction or taster session (roped climbing and bouldering) as this will give you the basics on what to do and keep you safe whilst climbing.


However before you can start climbing, you’ll need to register with us and fill out our Waiver Form. This can either be done as you arrive at the centre, or by following the link below. There’s a short induction video you’ll need to watch too, which outlines best practice for bouldering as well as general health and safety points to follow while at The Tide Climbing Centre.


Climbing shoes and chalk are available to hire at reception, along with harnesses and belay devices if you’re looking to give rope climbing a try! We also offer a range of inductions and taster sessions with our instructors, to help climbers improve their skills and technique in both bouldering and rope climbing. Keep scrolling to find out more information about the taught sessions we offer at The Tide Climbing Centre.

Take a look!

Take a look at what it’s like to climb at Cornwall’s largest indoor Climbing Centre!

Bouldering Induction

Our bouldering inductions are for all ages, under 14’s need to be accompanied by a supervising adult on the session. Over 18’s will however become a supervising climber. After you complete an induction you will be able to sign in adults and juniors under your supervision.


Interested in bouldering but not sure where to start?
That’s great, in this 40 minute session one of our instructors will give you a tour of the facilities, an introduction to safe use of our Bouldering facilities, and some hints and tips on making the best use of our centre.

Taster Session

Join one of our climbing taster sessions for a 60 minute taste of what the world of indoor climbing is all about. This session is a great way to experience the thrill of climbing whilst having one of our experienced instructors on hand to maintain your safety.

Popular Climbing Myths Debunked

At The Tide Climbing Centre, we’re passionate about improving accessibility to and inclusivity within climbing in the south west. Here are some popular preconceptions surrounding rock climbing that we thought we’d best debunk!

I don't have the arm strength

By far one of the most popular myths is that you need strong arms in order to climb. While arm strength can certainly help on some routes, like steep overhangs, climbing is definitely a sport that works your whole body! It’s a great sport for developing core strength and flexibility. However, like most sports, developing the correct technique is key.


While you’re climbing, experiment with shifting your body position to rely more on your leg strength on the holds. You’ll find this reduces the strain on your arms and improves your stamina, helping you climb for longer. Of course, with practise over time, the strength in all your muscle groups will develop too!

I’m afraid of heights

Bouldering (climbing without ropes) is typically done at lower heights. Our bouldering gym is 3.8m tall, compared to 7.5m for our roped routes. The height can definitely be intimidating at first, however you can practise your technique by traversing when the centre is quieter. This is when you pick a height and climb sideways instead of up!


It’s also important to learn how to fall correctly, to avoid injury while you’re climbing. Fortunately our bouldering gym floor is made from impact matting and our team will also show you how to climb down and fall safely.

I don’t know any climbers

It can be tricky to find people to climb with at first, especially if you don’t know any climbers through friends or family. Fortunately, climbers at The Tide are incredibly supportive, welcoming and friendly. Chances are you’ll probably meet some of our members and regular climbers when you visit. We also have a dedicated Facebook Group designed to help climbers connect and get to know one another.


We also have plenty of climbers who visit us on their own! Fortunately, if you’re bouldering, you won’t need a climbing partner to work with you. We also have a couple of auto belays in the rope climbing section, so you can climb without a belay partner if you prefer. Our team also host a range of events and socials throughout the year, designed to help The Tide Climbers meet and get to know one another.

I need expensive equipment and clothing

Climbing can be a difficult sport to get into, as you need some specialist equipment – particularly when rock climbing outdoors.


Fortunately at The Tide we have a wide range of climbing equipment you can hire. From climbing shoes to harnesses and even liquid chalk. This means you don’t have to invest in gear before you’ve caught the climbing bug. Our team are also trained in fitting our Boreal climbing shoes, which are available from the centre shop. They can also advise you on what equipment you need to invest in, depending on your climbing experience and goals.

It looks really difficult

At The Tide Climbing Centre you’ll find 100+ different bouldering problems to try out. We ensure there are plenty of routes for climbers of all abilities to enjoy. You’ll also find our grade guides dotted around the centre for reference, so you can choose a problem that works for you. As with many sports and physical activities, the more you practise the more your technique and experience will improve. We’re sure you’ll soon be sending routes you initially thought were too advanced in no time!

Learn the Ropes

Got the bug for climbing and want to take it to the next level?


Well, we have the answer, in our Learn the Ropes course you will learn the skills to look after yourself.

The course is composed of 3 X 2 hour sessions with one of our expert instructors over a three week period.

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