Signs You’re Ready to Enter Your First Climbing Competition

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Still wondering whether you’re ready to enter your first climbing competition at The Tide? You best keep reading!

You Understand the Rules

Before entering one of our competitions, you’ll need to be a confident user of our bouldering area and understand how to safely use our facilities. So long as you understand the bouldering basics, including how to start, what to do to finish a route and how to get down safely then you might be ready to enter your first climbing competition. Of course our Bouldering Leagues have some additional rules that you’ll need to familiarise yourself with before you enter, however our friendly team are also on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.

You’ve Been Climbing for a Little While

Climbers of all abilities are welcome to take part in our competitions. You don’t need to have been climbing for very long in order to take part. If you’ve been visiting The Tide regularly for a few months, why not book your regular session and try out the comp routes at your own pace?  While the problems range in difficulty, there’s plenty for everyone to try.

You’re Keen to Track Your Progress

Our Bouldering League rounds run over three months, making it the perfect opportunity to track your climbing progress. Entering a friendly competition is a great way to pinpoint specific areas to focus on in your wider training, especially as you’ll be climbing all sorts of different route styles in each round.

You’re Ready to Push Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to get caught in a rut when climbing, especially in an indoor gym. We tend to steer towards routes we know we’re good at and enjoy, dismissing and purposefully avoiding problems that aren’t necessarily our style. Our Bouldering Leagues always include a wide range of problems, from overhangs to slabs and everything in between. Entering a league is a great way to test your boundaries when it comes to climbing – you might just surprise yourself too!

How did you feel about entering your first climbing competition? How did you get on?

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