How to Find New People to Climb With

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Hands down one of the best parts of being a climber is being surrounded by such an awesome and supportive climbing community. Whether you’ve just started climbing and are trying to find new people to climb with, or have recently moved to a new area and looking for new climbing friends, there are plenty of ways to meet and get to know others in the climbing community!

Ask Friends and Family

Chances are, your friends and family may know someone who is equally as passionate about climbing as you. You may also know people who have always wanted to try climbing but have never had the confidence to try on their own. By asking your immediate and extended circles of friends you may just discover

Search for Local Online Groups

If you’re new to climbing, or new to the area, there are plenty of online forums and groups you can join. We even have our own group at The Tide Climbing Centre specifically designed for people looking to find new friends to climb with! These groups are a great way to organise climbs with new people, as well as share tips and recommendations for crags to climb in the area.

Join a Climbing Centre

You’re bound to meet and get to know people if you’re climbing regularly at your local centre. Joining a climbing centre membership opens up even more opportunities to meet new people too. Centres often hold exclusive, members-only events (COVID permitting) and actively encourage their members to bring new people to climb with them too.

Take Part in a Climbing Event

Whether it’s a bouldering competition or a climbing festival, there are all sorts of climbing events you can sign up to. Events like these are aimed at bringing the climbing community together, whether on a local, national or international scale. They’re a great way to meet new people who share similar passions with you.


How did you first meet your climbing friends? What are your tips to help others find new people to climb with?


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