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The new climbing centre in Cornwall. Striving to create a space for all to enjoy climbing socially

Our Story

The Tide Climbing Centre is a family friendly, state of the art climbing gym in north Cornwall, 7 miles from Wadebridge. We cater for all sorts of climbing and are in the unique position to offer both bouldering and rope climbing under one roof.


We have over 100 bouldering problems for you to try, as well as 22 lines and 4 auto belay points. Our mission is to position The Tide Climbing Centre at the forefront of inclusive climbing in the South West. We offer a range of taster sessions, inductions and 1-to-1 coaching sessions to help climbers of all abilities access and progress within the sport.


What makes a climbing centre, is the cake!


Our onsite Café serves locally sourced coffee along with a range of freshly cooked paninis and pizzas. The open plan design lends itself well for post-climb refreshments with family and friends, as well as providing remote workspaces for freelancers and local professionals.

Where it all happens

The Centre


With over 600m² of bouldering we have the largest Bouldering facility in Cornwall. From our steep, overhanging competition wall to our top out boulder and technical slabs. We have it all to suit any climbers requirements.

Auto Belays

Auto belays allow all climbers to ascend to the top of our tallest walls without the need for a belayer, simple clip in and go. Lead climbing we will have 10+ in the next month or so Race your new climbing friends to the top.

Roped Climbing

As well as our fantastic bouldering and auto belays we have 18 top rope lines and 2 fantastic Lead climbs going through our Archway. Our top ropes have a range of grades on a variety of wall types.

Parking at the tide

Upon arrival at the Tide, you will need to drive through a working business park. For the safety of everyone please observe the strict 5 MPH speed limit and follow the signs towards the parking areas.

There are two areas that are available for parking.

  1. Immediately outside the Tide between the green fences. This is FREE but please try to park as close to another car as safe to do so to ensure more people can enjoy the free parking.
  2. On the Southern end of the big green building, you will have driven through it to reach the TIDE. This is a pay and display car park that is operated by an outside parking company.

Once you have parked please closely supervise any wild children or excited adults on the way to the reception.

These are the only two areas that you may park in, any cars found parking outside of this area could face a parking ticket. It is in our interest to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours to ensure we can provide the best and least stressful experience for you, the customer, please do not block their parking spots.


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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
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Tide Climbing Barnfields Business Park, New Trevibban Farm, St Issey, Wadebridge, Cornwall. PL27 7SE


01841 531 134

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